Memoir Workshops

We all have a story to tell, a story of growing up in a different time, a story of family lore, a story of becoming who we are today. These stories are valued by the generations after us, and once written, become an invaluable part of social and family history.

Some of our workshops and classes will resume this autumn, but due to restrictions and for everyone’s safety, they will all take place online.



Stories from Ordinary Lives was launched on Sunday, November 18th as part of the Dublin Book Festival in Smock Alley Theatre. It is a collection of stories from authors who have participated in our memoir workshops.


Our workshops draw on theory and techniques of memoir writing to facilitate the production of a personal story. They help you to reflect on writing about life events and memories, guide you to create timelines and to start writing autobiographical stories, which will be shared with other students, and receive feedback. Topics covered include:

Time and life stories: Use of time lines in structuring stories

Place and life stories: Mapping your life, the importance of place in memory

The cast of characters: The others in your story, ethical issues in life writing

  • Having had a desire for quite some time to write when I heard about the workshop I also found it fitted beautifully into time I had resolved to give myself. I sallied forth to meet others involved. Firstly, the facilitators were warm and very welcoming. I had expected ‘a class’ and with a quite small group of others found that the approach was quite delightfully different. Immersion into the writing pool began from day one. I enjoyed the camaraderie, acceptance, intimacy and encouragement to put ‘pen to paper’ for the duration of the course and formed an ongoing path to follow and explore. Many thanks.

    Kathleen Mulligan
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