What Next?



Silvija Grigulis Jones was born in Latvia in 1935. Her memoir takes us on what she saw as an adventurous journey, as her family flee their native land and become refugees in Germany, and later in England. Through a series of stories about small events, seen through the eyes of a child, with the background of pre- and post-war Europe, a larger story is told, of culture, family, displacement, and hope. Silvija Grigulis Jones shows us the life of a headstrong little girl in Latvia and the resilience of a child refugee with the humour and positive outlook that would carry her through life.

1 review for What Next?

  1. Andrejs Grigulis (verified owner)

    Great exposition of our family’s history. Well done, Sis! You are a literary genius.
    Thanks for the memories.
    With love,
    Andrejs (Andrew)

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