Stories From The Shed



In County Wexford, a group of men representing several sheds throughout the county met every month for close to a year to exchange stories from their childhood and their lives as adults. They wrote some of those stories which are now gathered in Stories from the Sheds. Their stories will take you on a trip to strawberry fields, to the bogs of Offaly, to Passage East on the ferry; they will take you to Alaska, Jeddah and Ballinaboola. You will taste fresh water from the well, tea in a jam jar, ham and cheese sandwiches on the beach, Donohue’s lemonade and  Marietta biscuits. If you’re lucky, you will find a garden planted with roses, and will catch a glimpse of children playing Out the Backs. It was a privilege for Silver Thread to meet and work with craftsmen, teachers, farmers, civil servants, students, family men, storytellers, poets and writers. It was an honour to be entrusted with their stories of life in Wexford and beyond, and to pass them on to you, their readers. We hope they entertain you, move you, and inspire you to write your own stories.


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