Stories from Ordinary Lives

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Stories of Ordinary Lives was launched on Sunday, November 18th, as part of the Dublin Book Festival, in Smock Alley Theatre.  Seamus Cashman, poet and founder of Wolfhound Press, reflected on what is an ordinary life, and on how the authors’ stories, far from ordinary, bear witness of a time and place and are valuable not only to those who share those histories, but to all of us, who share a common social history.  

A packed Boys’ School echoed with gasps of surprise and bursts of laughter when the nine authors read excerpts of some of their stories.

Eithne de Lacy – A Song

Frank Cullinane – The Rosary

Bernadette Spellman – Mrs Jones

Gretta Gray – Mona Floodgate

Joan O’Reilly – Cork Street Fever Hospital

Christine O’Kelly – The Heart-shaped Cake

Michael Morris – Tom Dooley

Mary Fakher-Eldin – Christmas in Jerusalem

Margarita Synnott – The Telephone



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