We believe in the power of stories. Our mission is to listen and encourage older people to tell their stories, and to publish them as part of their legacy.  Our ethos is to be inclusive and person-focused.

SilverThread was founded in Spring 2017 by Dr. Cathy Fowley and Carmel Conroy, who have a background in education for older people in third level institutions.

Cathy Fowley

Cathy’s love of writing started when she realised that by holding a pencil, you could make letters, and that letters would eventually make stories. She went on to study languages and literature. Later in life, she wrote a PhD thesis on young people’s online diaries, which led to a renewed interest in life-writing and memoirs.  She has since designed and taught several courses on memoir writing for older people, and edited several books of collected stories and memoirs.

Carmel Conroy

After working for many years in typesetting and desktop publishing, Carmel went back to do her Leaving Certificate in her forties, and followed it with a BSc in Education Studies. After volunteering in projects involving older people, Carmel wrote her thesis on older men’s involvement in learning. She  coordinated an intergenerational programme at third level, which is where she started writing memory pieces with older people, through structured conversations and interviews.

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